Demolish skyrise in Moulivakkam: Supreme Court

NEW DELHI:The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the Kancheepuram Collector’s order to demolish the 11-storey structure remaining on the site of a building collapse at Moulivakkam in Chennai.

The second block of 11-storey building under construction at Trust Heights building on Moulivakkam is on the verge of demolition after Supreme Court ordered for a 'Go ahead' on Thursday. Photo: G.Krishnaswamy

Sixty-one people, mostly construction workers from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, were killed in the accident which followed a downpour on June 28, 2014.

A Bench led by Justice Dipak Misra ordered the demolition after perusing a report submitted by a three-member committee, which visited the site and inspected the stability of the existing structure of the Prime Sristi Housing Private Limited project.

Design deficiencies

In a negative report, the panel gave its conclusion that “keeping in view the significant under-designing and major design deficiencies, the ideal solution will be demolition of the structure. Any lateral load like earthquake, strong wind, etc. is likely to result in a catastrophic situation.”

The report said “the structural design of the building is so grossly inadequate that it can never be used for housing/habitation.”

The committee comprised Dr. Shashank Bisnoi, assistant professor, Indian Institute of New Delhi, senior advocate Ashok Gupta and L.P. Singh, general manager (Structure), National Building Construction Ltd.