No common counselling round will be held for IIT’s and NIT’s in 2014

No common counselling round will be held for IIT’s and NIT’s

 MUMBAI, February 11, Sandipan Sharma:  The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and National Institutes of Technology (NITs) won’t have a regular directing adjust in the not so distant future. In a gathering hung on February 5, the service of human assets improvement chose to have the methodology like that of last year’s, putting to rest the perplexity over regular advising round for affirmation to the midway subsidized specialized foundations.

“It has been chosen that in the not so distant future none of the methodologies will be irritated. NITs will have their own particular guiding round, while IITs will lead theirs.

Ashok Thakur, secretary, branch of higher training, MHRD, had prior said service authorities were enthused about having a regular directing adjust as it might resolve the issue of seats going empty in the chief foundations and additionally other state designing schools.

One of the educators even indicated out the specialized glitch that happened throughout the NIT’s confirmation a year ago and said that they might not want to imperil their procedure as well.