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Meet the new make-up stars

Mumbai:Make-up has long been a woman’s domain with the only men veering that way being those in the showbiz. However, slowly and steadily it has been changing and now women are seeking beauty advice not just from other women, but males too. A number of male make-up artists have made their mark on social media like Instagram and YouTube and are giving tips on everything from perfecting a pout to nailing the cat eye look. Here are a few of them…

Jeffree Star
From his rainbow-coloured hair to his on point make-up, Jeffree has created a name for himself in the make-up industry. It’s no wonder then that he has a cosmetics line to his name. Apparently he was influenced early on by his model mother and hasn’t looked back since.

Alex Faction
This professional make-up artist based out of Chicago is known for his graphic makeovers. Apart from regularly updating his Instagram, Alex also has his own YouTube channel with over 100,000 followers. From elaborate Halloween tutorials to how-tos for nailing the perfect mohawk, Alex shows a variety of skills.

Patrick Starrr
Patrick can teach you everything you need to know from nailing everyday make-up to becoming an ace at contouring for that special night out. The Florida-based make-up artist gives the power of make-up a new meaning altogether. Follow him for some cool tricks.

Manny Gutierrez
He already has a limited edition make-up palette to his credit, Manny also known as MannyMUA, believes that make-up has no gender boundaries. He has a successful YouTube channel where he gives out tips, reviews and more on getting your look right.

Ricky Rebel
This professional musician is known for his outlandish beauty looks. When he’s not smashing it with his band, Ricky is experimenting on his glam rock star image with dark lined eyes, glitter shadow and even blue-dyed locks.

—Compiled by Sanaya Chavda

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