Hindu Sena has perfomed Hawan for Donald Trump because of his anti Muslim stand

NEW DELHI: Looks like Donald Trump has some ardent followers in India too, some members of Hindu Sena on Wednesday organised a hawan and chanted matras in order to invoke the Hindu deities to help the US Presidential hopeful win the election.

Trump has now been declared the presumptive Republican nominee for the presidential race and is likely to be contesting against the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for the presidential seat.

Although, his views and pledges regarding Muslims, migrants and terrorism may have earned him a bad reputation, he however, has earned some fans in regions like India where certain groups resonate with his calls for temporarily banning Muslims from America and his tough stance on terrorism.
Founder of the Hindu Sena nationalist group, Vishnu Gupta, said, “The whole world is screaming against Islamic terrorism, and even India is not safe from it. Only Donald Trump can save humanity.”
The members of Hindu Sena gathered at Jantar Mantar in new Delhi with picture and idols of Hindu gods and also of Donald Trump along with a banner showed support for Trump, “because he is hope for humanity against Islamic terror,” Hindustan Times reported.