Three major problems of Assam: Flood, terrorism and unemployment

Sivasagar, Prangan Duarah: We often hear about and we often discuss the problems in Assam. We can’t deny the fact that the Government of Assam has done nothing to solve some major problems like flooding, terrorism, and unemployment. But the political system is not the only reason for all these major problems. Flood causes billions in damages every year in Assam. Every year, people of Assam unfortunate to think “Are this year’s floods the worst ever?”, which means the impacts of the flood in Assam is increasing day by day and it continued to be the burning problem of Assam. A trail of destruction like washing away villages, submerging paddy fields, drowning livestock, besides causing loss of human life and property of many people, are a few common problems in Assam which leave by flood every year. According to the National Flood Commission, the area vulnerable to floods in Assam at 31.60 lakh hectares against 335.16 lakh hectares for whole India. Assam thus accounts for 9.4 per cent of total flood prone area of the country. According to an online source, 22 lakh people have been affected by the worst floods in recent years, causing large-scale devastation in 2,809 villages in 27 of the 28 districts of the State. Artificial flood in capital city Guwahati is showing how efficiently our administrator is managing our Assam.

Along with the flood, terrorism, and unemployment are two major problems of Assam. It seems that there is an interconnection between these two problems. The people of Assam have witnessed several terrorist attacks which include devastating blast at Ganeshgusri on 30th October in 2008, 2004 Dhemaji bombing etc over the last few decades. ULFA, NDFB, KLNLF, DHD are a few names of terrorist organizations that are continuously disturbing the people of Assam. Recently the blast in Tinsukia can’t be neglected in Assam. We are suffering from this problem since last 30 years but till date we haven’t found any solution to solve this clueless crime of killing innocent people. Outlining the causes unemployment seems to play an important role in growing terrorism. The priority of majority of uneducated unemployed people is only bread and a shelter to live in, terrorist organizations take this priority as an advantage and they easily brainwash them and use them for violence. Even educated unemployed people are joining these organizations because they don’t have any other option after completing their education life.

The unemployment in Assam is a cumulative result of many causes which include the high rate of population growth, unutilized natural resources, primitive agriculture and absents of sufficient industrial enterprises. The growing unemployment problem is a serious matter of concern. Though the government is taking a few steps to decrease this rate but compared to the growing rate of unemployment these step are not sufficient. The main types of unemployment of Assam are agricultural unemployment or under-employment, seasonal unemployment, educational unemployment and Industrial unemployment. It is high time to deal with these problems. From the present scenario of government, we can conclude that we can’t totally rely on them to reform our Assam. Since, it seems that the most of the members of the government are too busy in enjoying the easy money, so, it is our duty to approach our problem with a full sense of our full responsibility to solve the problem with great spirit because these are our problems.