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Uttarakhand Assembly floor test:Supreme Court will announce the official result of floor test tomorrow at 10:30 AM

Dehradun: Parliamentary form of democracy was on its fine display in Uttarakhand on Tuesday, where the legislative assembly conducted the floor test to ascertain the majority of embattled Chief Minister Harish Singh Rawat. The result of the floor test has been sealed in an envelope and sent to Supreme Court of India. However, the claims made by Congress, and the disappointment expressed by BJP makes it clear that Harish Rawat has cleared the majority mark in the House. (ALSO READ: Uttarakhand Assembly floor test: Harish Rawat-led Congress wins trust vote, reveals sources)

Here are the 10 latest developments in the Uttarakhand crisis:

  1. In a simultaneous turn of events, Congress gained 1 MLA from BJP camp, whereas the saffron party benefitted from yet another dissension from Harish Rawat’s coterie. Rekha Arya of Congress switched to BJP. On the other hand, BJP rebel Bhim Lal Arya crossed over to Congress. (ALSO READ: Uttarakhand Assembly Floor test: Bhim Lal Arya switches to Congress, Rekha Arya moves to BJP)
  2. Congress-in-charge of Uttarakhand, Ambika Soni accused BJP of paying hefty amount of bribes to sway legislators from other parties. “It is difficult to even imagine the amounts of bribe which were offered to the MLAs. We are proud of our legislators, and those of other parties, who have rejected the offer to maintain the integrity of the constitutional positions which they are holding.”
  3. Ahead of the floor test, Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati confirmed that the two MLAs of BSP – Haridas and Sarbat Karim Ansari would cast their vote in favour of Harish Rawat. “We had made no deal with BJP. MLAs of our party would vote for Congress in the floor test,” she said.
  4. Floor test began at 11:00 AM in the legislative assembly of Dehradun. All legislators, except for the nine disqualified MLAs of Congress were present in the House to participate in the vote of trust.
  5. The President’s Rule was lifted for two hours to conduct the floor test in the House. The Principal Secretary (legislative assembly) of Uttarakhand government was appointed by Supreme Court to conduct the floor test, instead of Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal.
  6. The floor test concluded by 11:55 AM. Sources began reporting that Harish Rawat comfortably secured a majority of 34 seats. While the BJP had 28 MLAs, Harish Rawat proved his majority with the support of 27 Congress legislators, 3 independent, 1 Uttarakhand Kranti Dal and 2 BSP MLAs.
  7. Chief Minister Harish Singh Rawat expressed joy after the entire episode unfolded. Speaking to television news channels, he said, “Tomorrow will be our official victory, when the Supreme Court announces the official count of votes. All democratic, tolerant and secular MLAs supported me in the assembly today.”
  8. BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi, infamously known as the one who attacked police horse Shaktimaan, indicated that his party has lost the floor test. “We won the battle of principles. But in this game of numbers, we cannot match the Congress which used money and muscle power,” he said.
  9. Congress President Sonia Gandhi reacted to the outcome of floor test by saying, “This is a victory of democracy. The result will be a huge setback for those who want to throttle democracy in the states.”
  10. Supreme Court will announce the official result of floor test tomorrow at 10:30 AM. After the vote count is made public, Harish Rawat would once again form the government and preside over the constitutional post of Chief Minister.