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AAP leaders turn up at DU to check Modi’s degree, VC tells them to come back tomorrow

New Delhi,With Agencies: AAP leaders including Ashish Khaitan, Ashutosh and Sanjay Singh turned up at DU to check out PM Modi’s degree but were told that the VC was busy.

Ashish Khetan was quoted saying by NDTV: “We want to meet the VC so that the truth comes out. They’re telling us he’s busy.” Sanjay Singh added that there was an atmosphere of fear, and wondered why they wouldn’t reveal the details.

Earlier in the day, Ashutosh had tweeted: Last week we had gone to DU to find out truth about Modi’s degree but were denied any excess or information.Today we will go again.”

Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi

Modi degree row: Why Arvind Kejriwal’s claims fall flat
ashutosh ✔ ‎@ashutosh83B
Last week we had gone to DU to find out truth about Modi’s degree but were denied any excess or http://information.Today we will go again.
7:50 AM – 10 May 2016
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They claim that the VC had told them to come back on Wednesday.

Modi degree row: Delhi University says different names is only a ‘spelling mistake’
“Docs in DU have been sealed. BJP presents Farzi docs in a PC n gets real records sealed? Why? Implement CIC order. Allow inspection,” Kejriwal tweeted.

Earlier, addressing a press conference, AAP leader Ashutosh said Modi’s name does not match with what has been mentioned in the BA marksheet and the MA degree and claimed there were discrepancies in the year of passing as well.

“Nakal ke liye bhi akal ki zarurat hai (One needs brains even to copy). The BA marksheet is dated 1978 while the degree is of the year 1979. His name in the BA marksheet is Narendra Kumar Damodardas Modi while in Masters degree, it is Narendra Damoderdas Modi,” said the AAP leader.

He further said, “1975 marksheet has the PM’s name as Narendra Kumar Damodardas Modi, the 1976 one spells it as Narendra Damoderdas Modi and the 1977 one spells it as Narendra Damodardas Mody. “His MA degree says he had done his post-graduation in ‘Entire Political Science’. Is that even possible ? There are a lot of glaring discrepancies in his degrees and masters’ degree,” said Ashutosh.

“If degree is of the same student, why did the name and the roll no. change from 1977 to 1978? Was there a change of name executed? Why was there a change of roll no.?” it asked.

It also alleged that the roll number was missing from the MA certificate. “The degree in 1983 appears to have been prepared by someone who doesn’t usually do the task; missing roll no. and use of extraneous ‘Entire’ is glaring,” it said.

Shiv Sena backs PM over degree row
Asserting that the nation doesn’t run on educational qualifications, the Shiv Sena on Tuesday said the row over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s degree is uncalled for, adding one must instead shift their attention on grave issues, including drought and unemployment.

“A country doesn’t run on degrees. Who has what degree, a country doesn’t run on that. What is one’s experience of administration, what are the sentiments on the basis of which one will administer is important,” Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut told ANI.

“This degree controversy is uncalled for. There are many more problems in the country such as drought, unemployment. Nobody is talking on such important issues. I will say if our PM does not have a degree and he is running the nation well then this degree row should end immediately,” he added.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) released Prime Minister Modi’s college degrees and demanded an apology from Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for his desperate attempts to turn a ‘blatant lie into truth’ by questioning his educational qualification.

However, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said the college degrees of the Prime Minister as shown by BJP president Amit Shah and Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley were ‘fake and forged’.

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