WhatsApp to introduce video calling feature soon

Mumbai:Rumours have been around since December of last year, saying WhatsApp will be introducing video calling. Those rumours were just substantiated by leaked screenshots from WhatsApp beta users, indicating the feature could be coming by the end of the month.

AndroidPit reported receiving screenshots from users running the beta version of WhatsApp on iOS, that show a video call button at the top of the chat, next to the regular call button.

The feature is not yet usable, either because it hasn’t yet been activated, or both parties need to have the beta app. In addition, other users that volunteer to translate WhatsApp to various languages, have received requests to translate the audio and video call options as well.

We might see the new video call button appear for iOS users by the end of the month, with Android users following soon after. WhatsApp has also added a few other features recently, including, a call back button in WhatsApp call notifications, and ZIP file sharing.