Vidya Balan’s support for Kangana Ranaut has miffed Siddarth Roy Kapur

At the trailer launch of Te3n, Vidya Balan was asked to comment about the Hrithik Roshan vs Kangana Ranaut saga. Although the actress didn’t take sides, it has been reported that she supported Kangana. Her statement has upset her husband Siddharth Roy Kapur, who heads the studio UTVDisney.

Says an insider, “Vidya’s quotes have caused a major embarassment for her hubby. One reason for that being not just because he is the producer of Hrithik’s next release Kaabil, this will make things awkward between him and his actor. Also, Sid is a very non-controversial chap. He likes to stay away from other people’s fights. As a studio head, he has to work with all actors and he has to stay neutral. But now with his wife Vidya’s taking up for Kangana, he has become a part of it.”

The source further adds, “There is a reason why an outsider like Sunny Leone finds so much support in the industry from actors and actresses, who don’t even know her. But not one person from the industry has taken a stand for Kangana, despite the fact that she has acted in many mainstream Hindi films and is friends with a lot of actors.”

What Vidya said about the Hrithik-Kangana controversy
“It is none of my business to be judging anyone but I have the greatest admiration for Kangana because she is standing up for herself. I think that is very creditable because as women we find it very easy to stand up for other people, our family members, children, husbands, parents but we rarely stand up for ourselves. She is standing up for herself, so kudos to her and more power to her for that.”