Five scenes to watch out for in ’24’

CHENNAI:As you wait for reviews of Suriya’s time travel fantasy 24, here are five scenes from the film that’s certainly worth checking out.

The discovery of freeze time

When the protagonist in a time travel movie discovers something as cool as a ‘time freeze’ option on his time machine, we’re inclined to think he’d so something heroic with it, something valorous that would establish him as a saviour. Instead, what we get is a whimsical little scene that shows our hero’s childlike innocence-one where he plays with raindrops, all frozen in time.

Why does Athreya need a time machine?

Athreya, the much hyped villain from 24 also played by Suriya, doesn’t really need a time machine for world domination… at least that’s not the first thing he sets out to do with it. Discovering what he needs it for can humanise (slightly) even this meanest of villains.
Selfie with Dhoni

For the absolute joy of seeing one of our reel superstars clicking a selfie M.S.Dhoni, that too mid-game, as he clobbers a ball for six. Another magic of the freeze frame.


An entire song is based on a “disease” Manikandan calls imaginoromancophilia—the tendency to see the person you love everywhere. Not that is entirely new to cinema but there’s a scene right before ‘Mei Nigara’ which shows us how difficult it is to be at different places within 30 seconds… even if you have a time machine. It’s vintage Suriya at his comic best.

The cheque book scene

A clever scene that shows a minor slip from the otherwise devious mastermind that is Athreya. Priya’s (Samantha’s character) reaction and how Athreya saves himself from the situation is just great writing.