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How I feel about ULFA: A major terror factor in Assam

Sivasagar, Prangan Duarah: Assam is emerging as a terror hub in the country. Amongst the terrorist group of Assam ULFA is the one of the major active terrorist group or you can say secessionist organization of Assam, who is constantly trying to destroy the peace, harmony of our beautiful land Assam. And we are very unfortunate to say that the groups who are disturbing our land are our own people. It is very unclear that for what they are fighting and for whom they are fighting. Because it seems that they are killing innocent people of Assam since the late nineties. Like other terrorist groups of the world, ULFA does not consider itself a secessionist organization. ULFA is the short form of United Liberation Front of Assam. According to the ULFA was founded on 7 April 1979 in Sivasagar, Assam by some youths which included Paresh Baruah, Arabinda Rajkhowa, Anup Chetia, Pradip Gogoi, Bhadreshwar Gohain and Budheswar Gogoi, they are the revolutionary political organization engaged in a liberation struggle against state terrorism and economic exploitation by India for the establishment of a sovereign, independent Assam.


Seriously! They are fighting against state terrorism! You are fighting against state terrorism by killing our own people. And you are the one who is creating terror in Assam. And you are saying that you are struggling against state terrorism. Do you even realize the amount of discomfort people of Assam have to face because of you? I read that ULFA claims that Assam was never a part of India. As I have learned from the online source that the ULFA wanted a separate sovereign ‘country’ of Assam which would have a socialist government and where no ‘foreigners’ would be allowed. But after reading that I am a bit confused that what abjectly they are doing apart from planting bombs at markets, Independence Day parades, buses; name a public place and they had planted a bomb there.

Demanding money from the businessman, high-rank officers is nowadays common activity especially from Non-Assamese people in Assam. Now leaders from this organization are living like a king by collecting money from their own people. They are responsible for killing over 20000 people. And these 20000 people are innocent people of Assam. Yes, I agree that Assam does have a lot of problems like lack of development, unemployment, negligence issue but ULFA is not helping to solve this issue they are just acting as a catalyst to help in growing this issue more and more. Now as a student, I feel that we don’t need ULFA for our development.

Please stop killing our own people. If you really love your people and want to do something for your own people of Assam and for Assam then try to stop rhino killing, try to stop corruption, try to stop illegal migration and think how we can help the people of Assam who are affected by flood every year.

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