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After giving up smoking, Ranbir Kapoor’s hooked to e-hookahs

Ranbir Kapoor has tried to quit smoking a few times. Last year, he even accompanied his then girlfriend Katrina Kaif to the Austrian medspa where he took injections that made him quit the habit. But only for some time. The star, who has often confessed that it’s tough to quit the cancer stick completely, is now trying again. He has become hooked to the electronic hookah or e-hookah.

Says a source, “People trying to quit smoking cold turkey complain about missing the ritual as much as the physical withdrawal. A friend of Ranbir suggested he try out the electronic hookah to give up smoking. Smoking an e-hookah or a vape pen is now en vogue with the youth. Some of these devices have no tobacco, no nicotine and no tar resins that are otherwise present in cigarettes or conventional hookahs. A key reason for their growing popularity is that they offer a similar experience to smoking. Ranbir really wants to quit smoking so he was willing to try it out. Now he carries it the e-hookah instead of a pack of ciggies with him and is often seen smoking it. He’s making a serious attempt at least to kick the habit.”
The electronic hookah comes in disposable and reusable sets, it has different flavours, and colours that target younger customers. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, target smokers looking for a healthier alternative.