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Is this the end? writes Raveena Tandon Thadani

So, what drives a healthy, happy, wealthy, young 24-year-old to take her own life? And that too, in such a brutal way? The incidences of young girls, especially from the industry, committing suicides is on the rise. The fact remains that they just cannot deal with the pressures of life — personally or professionally — and that suffocating feeling closes around them, drawing the very last breath out of them.

I wonder what goes on in their minds in those moments. These vibrant women make a name for themselves, standing out in crowds of millions, and yet, they do not see themselves that way. Their self-esteem and confidence are low. Depression takes over and they feel there is no way out, I’d imagine.

I remember meeting some very successful women and being shocked to see slashes on their wrists. I’ve been witness to a colleague inflicting pain on herself only because her boyfriend fought with her, even though she was the one betraying him or cheating on him. She would burn herself with cigarette butts. This was, probably, her way of getting attention or sympathy. But some sensitive souls who cannot deal with the pressure, buckle under it and end it all. To them, I’d like to say: “Never forget who you are, for surely, the world will not. Make it your strength. Then, it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it and it will never be used to hurt you…” It’s a quote from George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

One needs time to pull the bandaid off. So few can convert hopelessness into a strong will to survive and fight back, to pick up the broken pieces of their hearts and try and mend them. It needs the strength of friends and family to let not this emotional sensitive souls scatter away, but to help them collect themselves and mend. There are only two ways out – a fork in the middle of the path of destiny. One involves ending it all and the other is to pick yourself up and choose to live and make life the way you want to see it unfold. How can it not, when you are strong to will it to go the way you want to, grasp the opportunities that come your way — however small — and build again. Fight back!

A friend I knew closely over the years was married to a cad of the similar kind of whom we read about – or saw in movies . And then, one thinks of the pregnant Pratyusha, and about whoever ended her life, murdered three times over — the girl herself, the life within her and her spirit. I believe it hurt her pride, ego, feelings and made her lose confidence and wonder what was wrong with herself, blaming herself, questioning herself, belittling herself and wonder, ‘Did I become too clingy?’ or ‘Is this all my fault?’, not realising that the hurt you feel now, is life’s way of saving you from a lifetime of hurt by marrying the rascal. You’re better off letting go than suffering a lifetime. As they say, ‘A leopard might get old, but it never changes its spots.’