Docoss releases pictures and unboxing video of Rs 888 smartphone X1

We reported earlier this week on a new ultra-low-budget smartphone that’s making its way to the market, the Docoss X1. Docoss, a completely unknown company, is putting the smartphone on sale right now for just Rs 888. Given the last brush with a locally made low cost smartphone, the Freedom 251, consumers were obviously skeptical, so the company is trying very hard to dispell those fears.

Docoss tweeted images of the X1 earlier today with the caption, “Don’t panic real phone real images.” Of course, while that may do little to ease doubt, so far the phone does seem to look like legit hardware.

In addition, earlier on Thursday, the company posted a Facebook video showing an unboxing of the phone, before powering it up and running it through a few actions. Now, aside from the phone appearing a little slow, and a little drab to be honest (as expected from a phone that costs less than Rs 900), we did notice a few other interesting details. For one, while the phone seems to be running Android, some of the icons on screen are just a little bit off. Additionally, when the presenter rolls down the hotbar, the settings menu looks uncannily like that of the Cyanogen mod for Android.


Aside from that, we already know that the X1 features a 4-inch (480×400) display with a 2MP rear cam and 0.3MP front cam. It packs a 1.2GHz dual-core Cortex-A7 processor with 1GB RAM and 4GB storage expandable up to 32GB and is powered by a 1300mAh battery. The phone’s booking period has been extended to May 1 until 8pm. We’ll know more once the phones begin delivery on May 2.

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Don’t panic real phone real images