Charlize Theron wants her man to be appreciative of her ambitious nature

London , PTI: Actress Charlize Theron says she would never “compromise” for a man.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War actress, 40, who has been single since splitting from Sean Penn last year, said she wants to be with someone who will “appreciate” her ambitious nature, rather than try to curb her big dreams.
“I’ve never tried to be less assertive in order to make a man feel better. I’ve always dreamed big and wanted to make the best of my life. I never wanted to compromise – otherwise, I wouldn’t be happy. I’ve always wanted a man who recognises my dreams and goals and appreciates all those aspects of my character and is confident enough in his own self not to feel threatened by that,” she said.
Theron is an adopted mother to son Jackson, three, and daughter August, eight months, and has learned a lot from being a parent.
“Nothing makes you understand and hold on to the preciousness of life more than being a parent. It’s so vital that young people value themselves and their lives, because their decisions not only shape their own future but our collective future.”