Google to introduce TV listings of your favourite shows and movies in search results

Google is set to roll out a new update that will let users “Google” TV shows or movies and see a listing of live air timings for specific content in the search results.

Google made the announcement for the new feature in a blog post on Wednesday. Users will soon have an option to click on an “edit provider” link and then punch in the name of a specific cable provider or online streaming service (like Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Google Play, HBO Go, and more) to get the most relevant search result.

“What we’re seeing is that more and more, viewers are turning to their phones to find out what to watch, where to watch it and when it’s available—in fact, searches for TV shows and films on mobile have grown more than 55% in the past year alone,” said Google in a blog post.

ic Ad Insertion by Double Click for online streamers, based on the same working principle that shows suitable advertisements on websites to users. I could get into detail but it is best explained in this YouTube video created by the company.

In addition, Google’s Search results will also show which online streaming portal has the specified content and how much it costs to rent.

The online search giants haven’t mentioned a specific time for when the update will rolling out, but said it will be “coming soon”