Ibaku Bihu: An another beautiful spring festival of Assam

Sivasagar, Prangan Duarah: The fresh air of spring re-energies the festive mood of people of Assam. Tribes of the land of Assam have their own culture and tradition of celebrating major spring festival of Assam, Bihu. The Deori people, one of the major ethic tribe of Assam are welcoming their one of the major festival Ibaku Bisu in this beautiful period of nature. The Ibaku Bisu is also known as “bohagiyo bisu”. The word Deori derived from the word “Deu” which means great or wise and the letter “O” and “R” represent the male and female respectively. So, the word Deori represents the great or wise male and female. It is said that in ancient time the Sino-Tibetan family of Mongoloid stock, Deori people serves as the priest in the temple of Ahom kingdom. The Ibaku bisu, the major festival of this tribe has an inseparable connection with Agriculture. This joyous festival observes for seven beautiful days of spring.

Photo: Ibaku bihu
On the first day of this joyous festival, Deori people offer “Suwasani Puja” in the houses. Along with this puja they offer puja in their temple called “kundi ku”, which include ceremonial bathing of animals and sacrificing goat, hen, duck or pigeon in the Temple. For getting sacred water and “Prasad’s” all the villagers go to the “Than” in the midday. First, they are purified by the sacred water prepared in the “Than” and then the Bor Deori and Deori Bhorali of the “Than” distributes “Prasad’s” among them after his due prayers inside the same. The sacrifices of birds and beasts as goats, ducks and fowls are performed duly and after the puja, only the male people of the village take part in the feast. Suzen, the rice bear, and kajii is one of the main attractions of this festival. The Deori people entertain their guest with these two delicious items during this festival.

A festival is incomplete without an energetic dance. From the pohila chot or from the middle of the march the young Deori male and female perform Deori song and dance at “chajja khula”, a place which is either isolated from the village or in the middle of the village. An eye catching group dance form, “Husari” is declared by Deori bharali at the Than. After the declaration of the Husari on the second day of the Bihu, the dancing starts from the “Than” and then the parties go on visiting each and every household and shower blessings on the member of the household. They first visit the Bor Deori’s house who is the best-respected person of the village. But the declaration of the husari depends on the village economic condition. The last day of this joyous festival are celebrated as “Bisu Uruwaba”, in which Midi Girachi of Dibongiya Clan, Boliya Baba of Tengaponia Clan and Khesai Khaity of Bogyaan Clan are blessed to all the villagers for the whole year and people seem to be very glad to dance with him/her. This type of festival serves the purpose of bringing happiness to our lives and strengthens our sense of community. These are the proud heritage of Assam which makes this region unique from other regions.