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Moral policing: No entry for ‘scantily dressed women’ in Chandigarh discos

CHANDIGARH: In a move that is being called out as moral policing, Chandigarh’s administration has brought in a new policy to regulate how women dress in the city’s discotheques and are also concerned about ‘seditious activity’ taking place here.

Chandigarh all set to ban 'scantily dressed' women from discotheques

According to a report by a leading daily, in a policy titled “Controlling of Places of Public Amusement, 2016”, in effect from April 1, the administration has added certain clauses which restrict the free functioning of bars and discotheques in the city on the grounds of ‘indecency’ and ‘sedition’. The new policy also pulls back bar timings by two hours, from 2 AM to midnight.

Though, the policy draft does not clearly elaborate on or define “scantily dressed women”, “indecency” or “sedition”, it states that in instances where there is “exhibition or advertisement of scantily dressed women”, “indecency” or “sedition and likely to excite political discontent,” the license of bars and discotheques can be cancelled.

While city hoteliers and restaurant owners are up in arms against the policy, joint home secretary Karnail Singh told the daily that the policy had been framed following directions from the Punjab and Haryana high court. “The policy is aimed at regulating the nightlife and ensuring law and order,” he said.

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