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Assamese Satellite TV channel: are we heading in the right direction?

Sivasagar, Prangan Duarah: Along with food, shelter and cloth, media is the key component of this modern world. Media plays a huge part in our society. A modern life cannot be imagined without media. We, the people from a specific society would be isolated from the rest of the world without the media. The role of a perfect media is to inform, educate and entertain the people of a society which help to strengthen our sophisticated societies. The word ‘media’ is originated from the word medium refers to the mode or carrier which intended to reach and address a large target group or audience. E-media which includes online news portals; satellite news channels etc are nowadays more popular form of media than the conventional one because of its easy accessibility.

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Satellite news channels play a great role in our Indian society. The gateway of North East India, Assam is one of the most important states of North East region as well as India due to its rich cultural and natural heritage. With the highest number of local media amongst all other states of India, electronic media plays a very important role in Assamese society. The past few years have seen a revolution in every aspect of the Assamese media industry. The success of NE TV, which enters in Assamese media society in 2004, as a 24X7 news channel led to the birth of new national level Assamese news channels in Assamese media society which includes “News live”, “DY365”, “Pratidin times” etc.

Nowadays these channels have the power of creating an enduring impact on society and culture of Assam. No doubt that a few News channels helps to highlight the issues of Assam in front of Nation but nowadays we face lots of difficulties to find the channel on which we can trust because it became quite a common phenomenon that news channels present the same issue at the same time in different angles which creates instability in the opinion of the public and of course create mass confusion. It seems that a few electronic media has been presenting news in an irresponsible manner by giving their own twist which diverse the original issue without realizing and understanding the impact and implications on the society.

Today, it became a tradition of making a big issue out of any minor occurrence which actually may not be worthy of the least media coverage. It seems that a few news channels are only busy in earning their television rating point (TRP) rather than satisfying the basic motto of a media. They are into the business of money through decorating the authenticity and quality of media as well as news. One of the main reasons for these issues is that the top leaders in the field of politics of Assam are directly or indirectly involves in these news channels in Assam.

The main motto of a news channel should be to enhance the knowledge of audience about the events taking place in the region as well as all over the world without giving any twist to the original issues or event. But from the present scenario in our region, I feel that it needs to improve a lot in the field of satellite media channels. And I just want to ask one question that are we heading in the right direction in this field?

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