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Now that’s a strong handshake! Narendra Modi leaves Prince William’s hand white after greeting

New Delhi (The Telegraph): The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been touring India this week. A moment which has caught the eye of people online, however, is how white Prince William’s hand was after shaking that of Prime Minister Modi of India.

Prince William maintained Royal composure in what appeared to be a vice-like grip.

People online were quick to point out the trail faced by the Royal, as Princess Kate stood by, helpless:

Modi is apparently famed for having one of the strongest handshakes in international diplomacy.

He also isn’t afraid to get up close and personal with other world leaders.


President Hollande of France has fallen victim to mockery on the internet thanks to his pained expression as he was hugged by Modi:

The Duchess of Cambridge has managed to avoid sticky situations, managing to play cricket in wedge heels and a floating dress, and fearlessly feeding a rhino by hand. The pair have recently been in Bhutan, a Buddhist country sandwiched between India and China.

Kensington Palace said the two-day visit – a sizeable chunk of the couple’s week-long visit to Asia – was arranged at the request of the Foreign Office because: “The relationship with Bhutan is important, as it is a new democracy in an important part of the world that the UK wants to be able to have a relationship with.”

On a more personal level, the Palace spokesman said the Duke and Duchess were keen to get to know “a young king and queen with whom they will have a long relationship”.

Source: The Telegraph

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