Dr Samar Hossain and her NGO offers footwear to street kids of Delhi and Jaipur

Jaipur: The initiative by two doctors studying in the NIMS University of Jaipur can prevent the kids from suffering from a host of diseases

When Dr Samar Hossain went out with her friends one weekend last year, she got deeply affected looking at the street kids roaming around barefoot. She noticed they were all suffering from infections owing to lack of footwear and were in a pitiable condition. “When we, college students hang out, we don’t think twice before shelling out 500-600 bucks. Two pairs of slippers can be bought in 100 bucks,” Samar says who is a post-graduate student of NIMS University, Jaipur.

She started a NGO Little Hearts last year with the primary objective to provide footwear to the street kids of Jaipur and Delhi free of cost. College mate, Neelu Yadav is co-running this campaign with her. Little Hearts is presently raising money on crowdfunding site, Milaap to buy slippers. Samar feels that there are more than enough NGOs providing perishable items like food, medicines, toys, etc. “But no one thinks about footwear. We take this issue very lightly,” says she, a native of Delhi.

Little Hearts does not want to stop at providing footwear alone. In the imminent future, it also has plans of helping homeless kids get access to education by enrolling them in government schools.