Facebook Messenger now lets you preview and send Dropbox files, transfer money

In the lead-up to Facebook’s marquee F8 developer conference happening later today, announcements of new app features have already begun to trickle out. With the newest update is now possible to preview and send Dropbox files from directly within the Facebook iOS and Android app.

To access this feature, open the Facebook Messenger app, start a chat with one of your contacts, then tap the extensions menu at the bottom right. Next tap the Dropbox entry and you’ll directly be taken to your Dropbox folder from where you can browse and send files.

The app also previews media files including photos and videos, giving you a chance to review files before sending.

With app messengers evolving to be far more than just a tool for communication via text, voice and video, the ability to plug into third party file storage services seamlessly extends the ability of users to send files from their local phone storage.

Cnet also reports that it is now possible to even send money via the Facebook Messenger app. In our own test we have not seen this feature enabled as yet and have therefore been unable to verify it, implying it may be in the process of being taped out gradually.

This peer-to-peer funds transfer feature can apparently be used for paying friends and splitting bills, where all it requires is the sender and receiver’s debit cards to be enrolled in their respective apps. The service is also purportedly free (there are reportedly no intermediary charges,) and integrates “industry-leading security”.

Stay tuned for more announcements later today during the F8 event, where much is expected by way of AI chat bots and numerous feature extensions to Facebook Messenger and their other services.