Hope my axe isn’t because of cricketers’ complaints: Harsha Bhogle

Ever since Harsha Bhogle was removed from the IPL commentary team, people in social media have come out in strong support of the noted commentator, with many saying his voice was missed in the ongoing league.

While there is speculation over the reason for his unceremonious axe, Bhogle himself remained clueless.

“I still don’t know why I am not doing the IPL. I haven’t been told. I can accept the fact that people don’t like me. But I genuinely hope it isn’t because cricketers have complained about what I have to say,” Bhogle posted on Facebook on Monday.

One of the reasons cited for the move is the Indian players’ unhappiness with the commentary of Bhogle. A tweet from actor Amitabh Bachchan on March 24 was seemed to have been directed at Bhogle, and it read: “With all due respects, it would be really worthy of an Indian commentator to speak more about our players than others all the time.”

This tweet was retweeted by India limited-overs captain MS Dhoni, who endorsed it by saying, “Nothing to add.”

Bhogle said: “I tell every young cricketer who cares to listen that we will never agree on everything but I will always desire that they do well; that I cannot stop them from scoring a run, or taking a wicket or holding a catch.

“Doing that is their job, telling the story of what they did, or didn’t, is mine. Our paths will be strewn with admiration and disagreement. It is the nature of the job whether you are a university level cricketer or among the best there has been. And, for heaven’s sake, my greatest criticism is that I don’t do enough of it,” he added.