Sujoy Ghosh’s ‘Durga Rani’ turned into Vidya Balan’s ‘Kahaani 2’

About eight months ago, Sujoy Ghosh was on the hunt for an actress to do his film Durga Rani. But after the celebrated patch-up with Vidya Balan, soon things were back on track and his original choice (Vidya) was signed on again for Durga Rani. There was no script for Kahaani 2 then.

Now, Kahaani 2 has already gone on floors in Kalimpong, a small region in North Bengal. What happened to Durga Rani then? A source from the team reveals, “Sujoy had an intriguing script of a thriller ready. That was Durga Rani and it revolved around the character of one woman and her tryst with danger. Given that Sujoy and Vidya weren’t on talking terms, Kahaani 2 was on the back-burner. Sujoy never wanted to make a sequel without his favourite lady as he felt it won’t justify the franchise.”

But things slowly fell in place for the director and the actress. “After Sujoy met Vidya and sorted out their differences, they discussed both the films. While the script of Durga Rani was ready, there was nothing in place for Kahaani 2 except an initial idea. It was then that Sujoy sat with his team and tweaked the story of Durga Rani and made it into Kahaani 2. Since both are in the thriller space, it wasn’t too difficult,” added the source.

So Kahaani 2 is indeed a modified version of the Durga Rani script and will be loaded with thrills and suspense that a franchise like Kahaani boasts of. But this also means that there won’t be a Durga Rani with anyone anymore.

Unless Sujoy and his team write a fresh script, suiting the genre.