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Rituraaj Vasanta: The king of seasons and Assam

Sivasagar, Prangan Duarah: Every end is a new beginning. The end of the cold winter is the beginning of the king of seasons Vasanta. Rituraaj Vasanta, which represents the king of “Ritus” (seasons) is the new beginning of happiness, which fills joy in each & every particle of Nature. Blooming trees with new born leaves and fragrances of fresh flowers please our mind. The beginning of Vasant Ritu fill the ambiance with an excitement of romance, the jolliness and of Couse brings festive mood. This spirit is spread everywhere. It is an occasion for every bush and tree to spring to life with blooms & bursts of color and fragrance, vibrant as sparklers in festivals.

India and festivals have an inseparable inter-connection. In the various region of India, people celebrate various festivals during this beautiful season. Holi, Vasanta-Panchami, Bohag Bihu, Bussund, etc are few examples of festivals which are celebrated during this season of happiness. One of the main festivals which are celebrated all over the India during Vasanta is Vasanta- Panchami, which marks the end of winter and beginning of a new season spring. This festival is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Saraswati. Holi is the joyful festival which celebrates the color of this season and welcomes this beautiful season. Among Indian state, Assam celebrates this season in a unique way which is known in Assam as Rangali Bihu or Bahag Bihu. Bahag Bihu is one of the major traditional events of the Assamese year because it marks the beginning of Assamese New Year. It unites the people of Assam regardless of their religions or backgrounds and promotes the celebration of diversity. People of Assam dance and enjoys Bihu dances in traditional colored dresses with the rhythm of folk instrument Dhol, Pepa, and Gagana etc. In Assam, a number of trees like Palash, Mango, Indian Rosewood, Gamhar, Sonpattta, jackfruit etc bloom in Vasant Ritu only. The famous foxtail orchid of Assam which is traditionally known as “Kopou ful” decorates the trunks of the tree in this season. The flower is a magnificent symbol of life & regeneration as it leads to seed and then to another plant. After all, Vasanta is the king of seasons, it has own quality and virtue. Even this year Assam is full of excitement as Assamese new year is approaching and people of Assam are getting ready to welcome with full of energy. After all, Vasanta is the king of all seasons so enjoy this beautiful season with full of energy.