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Microsoft’s Edge browser will soon auto-pause Flash animations in webpages

Windows 10 users will soon receive an update for the OS, called the Windows 10 Anniversary update, which plans to add a number of new features. In addition, the Edge browser will also be clamping down on annoying Flash tools in webpages.

In a blog post yesterday, Microsoft stated that the Anniversary update would also include a change to the Edge browser to “give users more control over the power and resources consumed by Flash”. With the addition, Edge will begin auto-pausing all Flash content not central to the web page. This includes things like peripheral animations and advertisements built with Flash. So now, all of those flashing banners will be static unless you deliberately click on them to play. Videos and games you open, however, the company says will remain unaffected.

The post goes on to say, “Over time, we will provide users additional control over the use of Flash (including content central to the page) and monitor the prevalence of Flash on the web. We are planning for and look forward to a future where Flash is no longer necessary as a default experience in Microsoft Edge.”

It should be noted that both Chrome and Safari already have almost the same feature; Chrome added auto-pausing last year, and Safari lets you activate this option in battery conservation mode.

You can try out the feature in advance, with the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview v 14316.

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