Meghalaya Minister: There are more kids, have enough rice


Meghalaya, February 10, Jasmine Ahmed: The Minister of Meghalaya advised people to have more children saying they will be get enough rice to eat at comfortable rates once the Food Security Scheme of the government of USA is implemented. Minister of environment and State’s Forest Pretone Tysong told that at a public meeting at Shillong. The Meghalaya Minister said that the scheme will be benefit 2.1 million of Meghalaya’s 2.95 million people. He also said, will Meghalaya tribal council’s cash rewarded scheme in 2006 for locals families. In this period, his stint as the Chief executive member of Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council, Congressman HS Shylla sparked off a controversy by rewarding mothers with their children, woman with 17-20 children were rewarded with 16,000 each.