World T20 Final: Brathwaite pulls off a miracle in last over, WI win with 2 balls left

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the ICC World Twenty20 Final, between England and the West Indies, at Kolkata. West Indies have won the toss (again) and decided to bat first.

England captain Eoin Morgan also says he would have bowled first.
West Indies Women stunned Australia Women earlier to win the Women’s World T20. Can the men replicate it? Under-19, Women’s and now Men’s?

Here the complete match preview for the big final between England and the West Indies
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England 1 Jason Roy, 2 Alex Hales, 3 Joe Root, 4 Eoin Morgan (capt), 5 Jos Buttler (wk), 6 Ben Stokes, 7 Moeen Ali, 8 Chris Jordan, 9 Adil Rashid, 10 David Willey, 11 Liam Plunkett
West Indies 1 Chris Gayle, 2 Johnson Charles, 3 Lendl Simmons, 4 Marlon Samuels, 5 Denesh Ramdin (wk), 6 Dwayne Bravo, 7 Andre Russell, 8 Darren Sammy (capt), 9 Carlos Brathwaite, 10 Sulieman Benn, 11 Samuel Badree
22:43 PM
Imagine what Ben Stokes must feel like right now. Windies were losing the game for a long time. They were losing it till the last over. 19 off the last over meant England had the match and trophy in their grasp. But then Windies didn’t just win, they won in style. Four consecutive sixes, can you believe it? It’s the greatest moment of Carlos Brathwaite’s life, and the worst of Ben Stokes’. Both will remember this for ever. And then you have Marlon Samuels, who made a fighting 85 even as the required run rate kept increasing.
The Windies men add this trophy to the one won by the Windies women a few hours ago with their shock win over Australia. West Indies also won the Under-19 World Cup this year. A magnificent treble.

22:35 PM
Over 20
Ben Stokes to bowl the last over.
England are winning this barring a miracle.
SIX! Length on middle and leg, Brathwaite slaps it over long leg for six. Big cheer from the crowd.
13 off 5 needed.
SIX! Slower full ball, Brathwaite reads it and hits it long and high, over long on for six!!
7 needed off 4 balls. This is anyone’s game now.
18 runs scored from 3 balls, and suddenly WI need just one run to win off 3 balls. Surely.
And now they have to change the ball.
The English supporters in the crowd are shell shocked.
West Indies 161/6 after 19.4 overs. Windies win by 4 wickets with 2 balls left.

22:25 PM
Over 19
FOUR. Length ball, Samuels hits down the ground again, past mid off for four.
Ball 2: Drilled to long off for one. WI need 22 off 10 balls.

Ball 3: Single to mid off. One gets the feeling WI need 10 off the last 3 balls of this over. And Samuels is the man to do it.
Ball 4: Another single to long on, 20 off 8 now needed.
Ball 5: A single off Ball 5. 19 needed off 7 balls.
Ball 6: Brilliant yorker outside off to finish the over, just 8 off it. WI need 19 off the last over.

22:20 PM
Over 18
Full toss from Willey, slower full toss, Samuels hits down the ground for 2.
36 off 17.
Full on leg stump, Samuels fails to hit it for six over the on side. Leg bye for one.
Ball 4: Low full toss hit to wide long off for two.
Ball 5: Another missed big hit, Samuels dives again at the non striker’s end. He would have been out again if the ball had hit the stumps.
FOUR. Very risky, very cheeky. Low full toss on middle, Brathwaite goes all the way down and scoops it right over the keeper for four! WI 129/6
27 needed off 12 balls.

22:15 PM
Over 17
Chris Jordan comes out to bowl. Big over needed for Windies.
Ball 1: Dot ball. Samuels hits to cover but sends Brathwaite back, he wants the strike.
FOUR. Jordan bowls length, and Samuels smashes him down the ground for four.
Ball 3: Single to long on. WI need 40 off 21 balls.
Ball 4: Brilliant shot to cover, dive at cover stops a boundary and WI get one.
Ball 5: Wide yorker, Samuels can’t get it away. 39 needed off 19.
Ball 6: Hit to midwicket, quick single, Samuels dives at the bowler’s end and the throw is not good. 38 needed off 18 balls.

22:11 PM
Over 16
OUT! Russell is gone. Huge wicket. Short and sits up for Russell to hit, he smacks it hard, the ball screams across the on side, but straight into the safe hands of Stokes at deep midwicket.
WI 104/5.
Darren Sammy is the new batsman, he gets a wide first ball.
Ball 2: Two to deep point.
OUT! The captain is gone. Sammy has hit a full ball straight to deep cover. 2 off 2 balls. WI 107/6.

Ball 4: Almost a run out, Brathwaite was two thirds the way down the wicket and had to be sent back.
Ball 5: Samuels cuts past point and a certain boundary is saved by some great fielding in the deep.
Single off the last ball, 7 off the over and 2 wickets. WI 111/6 after 16.

22:04 PM
Over 15
Ball 1: FOUR. Short, and Samuels hits it over wide mid on for four. Beats the fielder running in from long on.
Ball 2: Slogged to the on side for one.
Ball 4: Hesitation for the single from Windies. Stop, run, stop run. Jason Roy fields well at point and then throws. The ball misses the stumps else Marlon was gone.
SIX. Half volley on off stump, Samuels plays a big slog over the on side for six.
SIX. Half volley again, on middle, Samuels goes downtown, straight and flat six.
West Indies 104/4, 52 needed off 5 overs. 18 off the last over.

21:58 PM
Over 14
Adil Rashid into his last over.
2 runs off the first two balls.

SIX. Wrong un, Bravo slog sweeps, gets enough of it on the bat and it flies over wide long on for six.
Single to the off side brings up 50 for Marlon Samuels, but he has taken 47 balls for it. Windies need 70 off 37 balls.
OUT! Bravo is gone. Bravo tries to take the cover off the ball. Short, Bravo rocked back and tried to hit it into next week, got a top edge that carried to short third man instead.
WI 86/4 after 14 overs.

21:55 PM
Over 13
FOUR. Short from Stokes, Bravo pulls late, doesn’t time it and the fielder at deep square leg overruns it, the ball slips through his hands and goes for four.
It was the slower ball that deceived Bravo.
7 off the over from 5 balls.
Ball 6: Full outside off, Bravo goes for the big swing, miscues it to midwicket and a poor throw prevents a run out.
WI 74/3 after 13 overs. 82 needed off 7 overs.

21:49 PM
Over 12
Adil Rashid bowling his third over. Windies still not trying hard enough to play the big shots.
4 off the over from 5 balls. 90 needed from 49 balls.
Single off the last ball, WI 67/3 after 12 overs.

21:44 PM
Over 11
FOUR. Loosener from Stokes, just outside off, and Samuels crashes it past point for four.
Ball 3: Bouncer from Stokes but called a wide as it is very high.

8 off the over, WI 62/3 after 11 overs.

21:40 PM
Over 10
Adil Rashid to bowl the 10th over.

Just 4 off the over, WI 54/3 after 10 overs. 102 needed off the last 10.

21:37 PM
Over 9
FOUR. Yorker by Liam Plunkett outside leg, Samuels digs it out after spreading his legs, and the ball goes for four through square leg!
Plunkett keeps bowling slow bouncers. The run rate required is now nearly 10. West Indies need to start about getting big runs.
50 comes up in 8.5 overs.
No run off the last ball, Windies 50/3 off 9 overs.

21:31 PM
Over 8
Adil Rashid comes on to bowl.
Ball 2: Huge turn, about five stumps! Ball pitches on middle and rips away to about third stump outside off.

Four runs off the 8th over, WI 43/3.

21:26 PM
Over 7
OUT! Samuels knicks, and it carries to the keeper! Windies 37/4!
No wait, they are gonna check for the catch, whether it was taken cleanly. Replays show it has pitched before it hit the keeper’s gloves! Just before. Samuels is not out and is called back!

It was a ball that hurried onto Samuels. He took his bottom hand off as he tried to play it down.
WI 39/3 after 7 overs.

21:22 PM
Over 6
FOUR. Short, and Samuels pulls it away for four through midwicket.
FOUR. Even shorter from Jordan, Samuels is late on the pull, the ball flies over the keeper for four.
FOUR. Length outside off by Jordan and Samuels drives on the backfoot, through the covers for four.
15 off the over, West Indies 37/3 after 6 overs.
England were 33/3 at this stage.

21:16 PM
Over 5
Liam Plunkett into the attack.
West Indies are now concentrating on taking the singles and building the innings. England are bowling a lot of short balls.
West Indies 21/3 after 5 overs.
They need 135 off 15 overs. Required rate already up to 9.

21:10 PM
Over 4
Chris Jordan into the attack. Root got just one over.
Ball 5: Short ball, Bravo jumps and plays it down softly taking his bottom hand off.
Single off the last ball, WI 18/3 after 4 overs.

21:09 PM
Over 3
England have this match by the scruff of its neck.
David Willey continues. Lendl Simmons, the hero of the semifinal, is in.
OUT! And he won’t score at all tonight. Late swing from David Willey, not read by Simmons, rapped on the front pad, and he is gone! Easy LBW decision. WI 11/3.

Dwayne Bravo is the new batsman.
WI 13/3 after 3 overs.

21:03 PM
Over 2
OUT! Joe Root loops it up, and Charles tries to go after him straightaway, gets a top edge and the ball comes down at mid on, taken! WI 1/1.
Root just did a Virat Kohli.
FOUR. Gayle goes after Root anyway, slightly miscued, over point for four.
OUT! Gayle has thrown his wicket away. Full ball, Gayle tries to hit it into the stands, miscues, and long off takes a good catch after waiting for the ball to come down for a long time.
WI 5/2.
FOUR. Samuels gets a full ball from Root, and hit through the on side for four.
WI 10/2 after 2 overs.

20:59 PM
A calm a quiet first over from David Willey. Just one run from it. West Indies 1-0 after 1 over

20:58 PM
Over 1
Charles scores a single off the last ball to retain strike.
WI 1/0 after 1 over.

20:35 PM
England have finished on a below-par 155/9. They say the boundaries have been brought in at Eden for the big final and it showed. West Indies seemed to be in control for the majority of England’s innings except when Joe Root and Jos Buttler were batting. Yet England finished on 155/9, which might tell you something about the wicket and the fence. West Indies should be favourites to win this game and lift the World Twenty20 title.

20:33 PM
Over 20
Andre Russell to bowl the final over.
FOUR. Ball 3. Low full toss, miscued yorker, and slung away by Chris Jordan to deep square leg for four.
157 is the highest score in a World T20 final.
Ball 4: Short and slow, pulled to deep midwicket and England get two.
Ball 6: Adil Rashid smashes the very full ball hard into the deep, Charles dives on the boundary to stop it and succeeds. England get two off the last ball, finish on 155/9 after 20 overs.

20:28 PM
Over 19
OUT! Plunkett has mishit the ball to short third man, where Samuel Badree takes a brilliant diving catch. He seems to have seriously hurt his shoulder though. Plunkett went for the big shot down the ground and miscued it. England 142/9.
6 off the over from 5 balls.

7 off the over, England 145/9 after 19.

20:20 PM
Over 18
FOUR. Willey smacks Brathwaite down the ground, this time for four.
OUT! Willey is gone now. Short, Willey pulls with the intention of going over deep midwicket. Doesn’t time it, Bravo comes running in after first misjudging the catch and then takes it with a fabulous dive. England 136/8, Willey gone for 21.

Every time England look like getting ahead in the game, Windies strike. This has been the story of this match.
7 off the over and a wicket, England 138/8 after 18.

20:15 PM
Over 17
SIX. Slower ball from Bravo but length, Willey nails it over wide long on for six.

Just two off the next 4 balls. England struggle along to 125.
SIX. Full toss on middle, Willey slogs it down the ground for six. Good over for England. 130/7 after 17 overs.

20:11 PM
Over 16
Andre Russell bowls 3 balls for no run off the bat.
Ball 4: Another slower ball, Willey pulls neatly to backward square leg for no run.
Ball 5: Pulled to deep midwicket for one.
England 118/7 after 16 overs.

20:07 PM
Over 15
Chris Jordan is the new batsman.
OUT! Joe Root is out, its the big wicket! Slower ball from Brathwaite, Root goes for a risky scoop over short fine leg, and can’t clear him at all! The fielder dives forward to take it, and Root has fallen for 54. WI on top, England 111/7.
David Willey is the new batsman. England must now bat out the 20 overs.
England 115/7 after 15 overs.

20:00 PM
Over 14
FOUR. Root goes back and across, plays a little late, and cuts Bravo past a diving point for four.
Ball 2: Very slow, loopy full toss, hits Root on the pad, big appeal but it was going down leg.
Ball 3: Full on the legs, and some football skills by Sammy at long leg prevent the boundary.
Ball 4: OUT! Slower ball bouncer by Bravo, Stokes decides to pull, is halfway through his stroke and tries to pull out but it is too late. Top edge and the ball flies to point where a neat catch is taken. Stokes out for 13, England 110/5.

Ball 5: Moeen Ali is the new batsman. Dot ball.
OUT! Moeen Ali has knicked it down the leg side. Poor delivery from Bravo, short down the leg side, but Moeen Ali gets a faint edge that is taking by Ramdin. England 110/6 after 14 overs, Ali gone without scoring.

19:52 PM
Over 13
Darren Sammy to bowl for the first time.
Short and slow, Root tried to smash it over long leg for six, got a top edge that fell away from Benn. He got a foot behind it to prevent the boundary.
FOUR. Short and wide from Sammy and smashed for four through point.
Ball 4: Single to the on side and Joe Root has got another 50. 50 off 33 balls.
FOUR. Short and sits up again. Stokes brutalises the ball over square leg for four.

Two off the last ball, 14 off the over, England 103/4/

19:46 PM
Over 12
OUT! Short from Brathwaite, Buttler swings the ball over the on side, but finds deep midwicket with precision. England 84/4.

Ben Stokes is the new batsman.
Single to deep square leg.
After 12 overs, England are 89/4.

19:42 PM
Over 11
SIX. Full from Benn, slammed over wide long on for six.
SIX. Full again, this time on middle and off, and Butler hits over wide long off for six this time.
Ball 3: Thrashed to deep point for one.
Benn has gone for 39 off his 2.5 overs.
Single off the last ball, 16 off the over, England 83/3 after 11 overs.

19:38 PM
Over 10
Andre Russell comes back.
FOUR. Short on the middle stump and swivel-pulled for four by Root. Root up to 38.

After 10 overs, England are 67/3.

19:34 PM
Over 9
Suleimann Benn into his second over.
FOUR. Half volley outside off, Buttler lifts the ball over extra cover for four.
After 9 overs, England are 57/3

19:30 PM
Over 8
Carlos Brathwaite is the new bowler.

Five runs off five balls off the over. Root has moved up to 30.
Ball 6: Low full toss, hit to sweeper cover for one. Eng 47/3 after 8 overs.

19:27 PM
Over 7
Badree into his last over.
FOUR. Flighted full toss, and flicked away by Root through midwicket for four.

Single off the last ball, England 41/3 after 7 overs.

19:23 PM
Over 6
Joe Root is the key now for England.
FOUR. Short and wide from Dwayne Bravo, and smashed through point. Absolutely creamed away. Buttler hit it in the air but it sped away for four.
Slogged to deep midwicket where Russell tries hard to stop it with a slide. He pushes the ball back several times even as he is sliding into the fence. It is time to call the third umpire. Four not given.
Ball 5: Keeps low as Root goes for the cut and misses.
Ball 6: Tucked away to deep midwicket for two. 10 off the over, England 33/3 after 6.

19:17 PM
Over 5
Samuel Badree into his 3rd over.
OUT! The captain has fallen. Wrong un from Badree, takes the edge off Morgan’s bat, who looks to drive. Gayle is at first slip and he takes a neat catch. England 23/3.

Jos Buttler is the new batsman. It’s a long English batting lineup.
Maiden over from Badree. Wicket maiden. England 23/3.

19:13 PM
Over 4
FOUR. Suliemann Benn is the new bowler. Root drives him through the covers for four off the backfoot.
FOUR. Great hands by Morgan, fuller on off and lifted smoothly over the covers for four.
Ball 5: Single down the ground to long on.

FOUR. Low full toss on off, Root on drives the ball between mid on and midwicket for four. Beautiful shot and three boundaries in the over.
England 23/2.

19:11 PM
Over 3
Three dot balls to Morgan from Badree.
Ball 4: Another dot ball. Badree is bowling a tight line, good length, just on and outside off. Not there for the cut or drive.
Single off the 5th ball.
Ball 6: Slider again, and the batsman is beaten. England 9/2 after 3 overs.

19:07 PM
Over 2
Andre Russell.

Ball 1: Outside off, swings away and Root is beaten.
OUT! Alex Hales is gone and England are 8/2! Length ball on the hips, and Hales hits it straight to short fine leg!!
Eoin Morgan, Captain Morgan comes in. Not a great series so far. Highest score of 27.
England 8/2 after 2 overs.

19:03 PM
Over 1

Jason Roy and Alex Hales are out to the middle to open the innings for England.
Samuel Badree will bowl the first over.
Ball 1: Skids on, rapped on the pads, big appeal, and not given.
OUT! He’s gone, bowled. Leg stump out of the ground! Jason Roy, the form batsman, misreads the skidder again and is bowled!
Two runs off the next two deliveries.
FOUR. Root gets England the first boundary. Shorter length and on off, Root goes back and strokes the ball through covers for four.
Single off the last ball, England 7/1 after 1 over.