Great News: Dhoni confirms he will play till 2019 WC

Mahendra Singh Dhoni put to rest all the retirement rumours by giving a tongue in cheek reply to an Australian journalist who asked him whether he would continue playing after the World T20. If his statements are taken into consideration, then the fact is clear that the Indian captain is in no mood to hang up his boots till the 2019 World Cup.

Dhoni’s team might have lost the crucial semifinal encounter against the West Indies but the maverick Indian captain trolled an Australian journalist who asked him about his retirement plans in the post-match press conference.

Watch: Dhoni grills Australian journalist when asked about retirement

“Will you continue playing after this tournament,” asked the journalist. “Come here, let’s have some fun,” replied a smiling Dhoni taking the reporter by surprise. At first the scribe thought the Indian captain was just pulling his leg and that he will stop the joke right there. But the usually calm and cool captain, who is known for his witty replies again requested the journalist to share the dais with him.

Taken aback by Mahi, the journalist made his way to the stage while Dhoni pulled up a chair and asked him to sit down. “Do you want me to retire?” asked the Indian captain. “No,” replied the flummoxed scribe. “Well you know if you were an Indian then I would have asked whether you have a brother or son who is a wicket-keeper and who can take my place in the team,” said Dhoni. “True very true,” replied the Australian.

Dhoni went on grilling the journalist asking, “Do you think I am not fit? Do you think I can survive till the 2019 World Cup?” “Yes sure,” came the reply from the shocked journalist.

“Then you have answered your own question. You fired the wrong ammunition at the wrong time mate,” said the Indian skipper sending the whole press room into a bout of laughter.