Chris Gayle reveals how he is going to thrash Indian bowlers during ICC World T20 semi-final

New Delhi: West Indies’ marauding batsman Chris Gayle on Wednesday said that he is ready to face Ravichandran Ashwin if Indian captain MS Dhoni decides to use the off-spinner with the new ball during the semi-final at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai on Thursday.

VIDEO: Chris Gayle reveals how he is going to thrash Indian bowlers during ICC World T20 semi-final

Gayle, who missed a couple of matches in the Super 10 league round, is a force to reckon with in T20 cricket. He proved his worth in the West Indies first World T20 match against England by hitting a century and singlehandedly winning the game for his team. So far, Gayle is the only batsman who has scored a hundred in this edition of the World T20.

But the mighty Gayle has a weakness. He doesn’t have a great record against quality spin bowling. And Dhoni is widely expected to use his main weapon Ashwin against him. Gayle, however, said he wouldn’t be surprised if Indian captain chose to do that.

“It’s no surprise. That always happen. Dhoni always put Ashwin up early,” Gayle said while talking to the mediapersons on the sidelines of their practice session.

The Caribbean smasher also added that India have other good bowlers as well apart from Ashwin and specifically picked Ashish Nehra as a dangerous bowler.

“(But) you know Dhoni is an unpredictable captain. He may not necessarily do it (use Ashwin upfront). These things do happen. But I am looking to show what Chris Gayle can do. I will be prepared, I will be ready mentally for whichever bowler is put up. Not focusing on Ashwin only.

“There are so many (Indian) bowlers who are doing well. Nehra is doing well. With a new ball, Nehra is very good. So, we have keep our eyes open, play according to the situation,” Gayle added.

Gayle said he is looking to play positive cricket against India and show what he is capable of doing.

“Chris Gayle will always be positive. It doesn’t matter which bowler will actually be bowling against Chris Gayle. Chris Gayle is looking to attack. That’s the nature of T20 cricket and that’s the nature of Chris Gayle as well. No names. Just a cricket ball. Beat it as hard as possible,” he signed off.