‘The Revenant’ actor injured in onset firearm accident

Los Angeles: “The Revenant” actor Brendan Fletcher is recovering after he was injured by a firearm while filming a TV series in Canada.

Fletcher was in the middle of shooting drama “Cardinal” in Sudbury, Ontario when he suffered lacerations on his throat after discharge from a gun not fully emptied of blanks peppered his head, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

'The Revenant' actor injured in onset firearm accident

He was hospitalised and received treatment, but has since been discharged.

In a statement, Fletcher’s agent claimed the accident was “no fault of his (Fletcher)” and the actor is recovering well.

Production on the show was delayed for one day but has since resumed.

Officials from the Ontario Ministry of Labor, which investigates workplace injuries in the province, is looking into the incident.

Fletcher portrayed Fryman in Leonardo DiCaprio’s survival movie.