Instagram reassures users on upcoming new feed

Amid user panic regarding future changes to the popular app’s feed system, Instagram has announced on Twitter that it would warn users when the modifications will take place.

A report by Forbes reveals that the upcoming changes to Instagram’s feed are still far off, despite rumors that the app would roll out modifications in the coming days.

Instagram announced earlier this month its intention to introduce an algorithmic feed that would focus on the most popular and relevant content. The change should allow users to better catch up with what they have missed on the social network. Many users of the app however, dislike that the new feed will disrupt the app’s current reverse chronological order user-content display.
Despite users’ qualms about the upcoming new feed, algorithmic upgrades have become the norm in other social media like Facebook and Twitter.

In reality, no one actually knows exactly when Instagram plans to roll out its feed update. The app hasn’t detailed the changes or announced a launch date for its new algorithm-based timeline. Instagram responded to the posts — many of which are accompanied with hashtags, including #turnmeon and #letsstaytogether — by assuring users that “nothing is changing” with the feed “right now.” It also added that the changes are definitely still on the cards, and that it will let its community know when it decides to “roll out” the update “broadly.”

The rather vague sentiment will likely do little to stem the tide of anxiety among the popular app’s user base. In order to further ease tensions, Instagram issued a statement to ABC News, providing a little more detail. “We still have weeks, or even months, of testing to go. Currently the test groups are very small. When we roll it out broadly, we will let the community know,” the spokesperson said.
With at least a few “weeks” before the algorithm is implemented, it seems the Insta-freakout is premature. Nonetheless, it is understandable that people would be apprehensive about a change that could relegate their images of indestructible hairdos and mirror selfies into Instagram oblivion.