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Keeping the Karisma intact

It was the perfect setting — lights, peppy Bollywood tracks, an excited crowd and gorgeous designer wear. All, waiting to be inaugurated by Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor, at the Chennai launch of Hyderabad-based store Neeru’s. Except, one didn’t anticipate the kind of over-excited boisterousness that was to follow. The moment the Zubeidaa actress made her entrance, fans went berserk and there was much tugging and pushing before she could finally make her way into the store.


Despite the chaos, Karisma was rather upbeat and excited about being in Chennai.

“I’m visiting the city after long; more than 10 years, I think, and it feels wonderful. Everyone here has been very warm and friendly. Also, I love South Indian food and I’m looking forward to a nice meal after this,” she smiled.

Karisma, who has been keeping herself busy with brand endorsements, a recent radio show and a book that released in 2013, took a hiatus from films after having her two children and has consciously been staying away from movies too, of late. “I prefer taking up these smaller projects, since they leave me with enough time for my family and children, who are most important to me. A film is a long commitment. Though I have no plans as of now, I might do something soon, film-wise.”

The actor, who has been appreciated in the past for her roles in Raja Hindustani and Zubeidaa, says that if she does make a comeback on the big screen, she hasn’t really thought about the role she’d like to play. “I’m the kind of actor who does things spontaneously. So, whenever I do decide to do films, I’ll look into the roles and see what interests me. Of course, my role and character would be the most important factors while choosing a script. I’ve been fortunate enough to have done varied roles even early on in my career, and I’d like to keep that going,” she said.

Karisma, who is often spotted at events and on social media with her sister Kareena Kapoor, says that the two share a very close bond. She’s always actively supported her sister even when it comes to promoting her films. “We are like any normal sisters; we share everything. We do have a strong bond and that’s very special to me.”