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Assam is now a ‘diseased state’ and Congress is root of all trouble: PM Modi

Guwahati(PTI): Assam is now a “diseased state” and Congress must be uprooted to overcome it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday asking the electorate to vote for change in the April assembly polls.

“It has already been decided by the people of Assam to vote for BJP, but make sure that the work is not half done. Please ensure that you bring the party to power with two-thirds majority so that the BJP government can work whole-heartedly to make Assam a leading state in the country,” Modi said addressing two election rallies in Upper Assam’s Bihpuria and Bokakhat constituencies.

‘Congress doesn’t stand a chance’
The presence of women in large numbers in the meetings are a clear indication that days of the Congress government in the state were over and it “does not stand a chance in the coming elections,” he said.
“Assam is now a diseased state and the root of all disease and trouble is Congress, which must be uprooted at all costs,” Modi said. The state was represented by the erstwhile prime minister (Manmohan Singh) for ten years but now its people have to be reminded that they were represented by a former PM, he said.
‘Deep injustice to Assam’
“A deep injustice has been done to the people of Assam and their aspirations crushed. The youth of Assam has tremendous potential and they are a deprived lot. It is time to correct these wrongdoings,” he added.
Modi said he has the single agenda of ensuring all-round development of the state and it was time to free it from the politics of vote banks and the coming assembly elections in the state was the biggest oppurtunity for the people of the state to bring about change and development.
Fight not against Gogoi
The Prime Minister said he was surprised at Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi’s statement that his fight is against him. “How can I fight him (Gogoi)? He is so senior to me and in a few years he will be 90. He is an elder, I respect him and seek his blessings.” “My fight is not against Gogoi but against poverty, unemployment, underdevelopment and superstition,” he said.
Modi said Assam needs four and six lane roads, rail connectivity and development of inland waterways for the movement of people and goods and to bring about industrialisation and development. He announced that the centre has sanctioned about Rs 450 crore for the Numaligarh-Jorhat four-lane highway and it would also invest Rs 12,000 crore and Rs 10,000 crore for road and rail development in the state.
Accounts not submitted to CAG
Accusing Gogoi of not submitting accounts to CAG despite being asked several times, he said “CAG has asked for account of Rs 1,80,000 crore but the state government is not ready to give it. In a democracy, the government has to give account for each and every paise spent or received.” Modi said rhino is the pride and glory of not only Assam but the entire country, but poaching of the animal in the state continues unabated.
“The state government has kept its eyes closed and due to political reasons the rhino killers are patronised. Killing of rhinos will not be allowed when BJP comes to power in the state.
“The time has come to hunt out those who have poached our rhinos. You need guns to kill the rhino but to annihilate the poacher you just need to press that button on polling day,” Modi added.

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