Explosions heard, one detained during Brussels police raids

Belgian state media is reporting that two explosions have been heard and one person has been detained in police raids in the Brussels neighbourhood of Schaerbeek.

Masked Belgian police personnel secure the entrance to a building in Schaerbeek neighbourhood on Friday in Brussels during operations after Tuesday's bomb attacks.

It is not clear whether the raids are linked to the investigation into deadly attacks on Tuesday on Brussels’ airport and subway system. At least one suspect in those attacks is at large, and it is unclear whether there were other accomplices.

State broadcaster RTBF says multiple police operations are under way in Schaerbeek, and one person has been detained. It says one explosion was heard at the start of the operation and cited witnesses describing gunfire.

Police earlier this week found a large stash of explosives in an apartment in Schaerbeek believed to have been used by suicide bombers in Tuesday’s attacks.

The Belga news agency said the police operation is linked to an attack plot in France that was foiled by French police on Thursday. The agency cited French police sources as saying.