Here are some amazing skin care & hair care tips for the Holi festival

Holi is a really enjoyable festival. This is the occasion to have fun with colours and gorge on delicacies. The one time you don’t have to choose your favourite colour because everything is beautifully messy.

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But the riot of colours may seriously harm our skin, eyes and hair. The chemicals in the colours, constant contact with water, and the Sun beating down on you play the main culprits. There is not need worry or make all these things an excuse to hide in the house. You can have the best time during the festival and keep your hair and skin safe from harmful chemicals too.

Here are some useful tips for hair care and skin care during this festival.

Use olive oil for your skin to get rid of the dry colours. Let the skin absorb the oil for 15-20 minutes and wash it with water and mild cleansing milk.
Keep aloe vera, cucumber juice or, at least, a rose water bottle with you in case the colours are abrasive.
Apply a good amount of moisturiser, with an SPF, on all over your body.
Wear dark full sleeved cotton clothes and avoid synthetics clothes and denim as they would stick to your skin.

Apply plenty of lip balm before joining the play of colours.
It is ideal that you don’t wax or thread or do any facial treatment, at least, three-four days ahead of Holi.
Do not wear contact lenses.
Apply a thick coat of dark nail paint before Holi and remove it once you are home. Make sure your nails are trimmed before you are out for the festival.

If you have long hair, make sure you tie it up into a bun or braid it.
Make sure you oil your hair before you play Holi.