Train passenger refused to pay fine citing Vijay Mallya Loan scam,jailed for 7 days

Mumbai: The adamant ticketless train passenger who refused to pay Rs 260 fine saying authorities should force Vijay Mallya to pay his dues first, has been sent to Byculla jail for 7 days.


Premlata Bhansali of South Mumbai was caught travelling without a ticket on a Mumbai local on Sunday afternoon. Upon being asked to pay the fine for her offence, Bhansali got into a heated argument with rail authorities and police, and later on, wanted to be presented in front of a magistrate.

On Tuesday, Bhansali accepted all the charges read out by the Magistrate and yet refused to pay the fine, now amounting to Rs 1500. The court even reduced the fine to Rs 460 on humanitarian grounds, but Bhansali kept saying, “The government does not nail the rich but are after the poor like me,” reports Mumbai Mirror.
The Magistrate then sent her to police custody for seven days. Bhansali has refused to budge from her stance and has said that she would not pay the fine even if she is jailed for six months or a year.