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Social media users share crying Tintin

A tearful, beloved cartoon adventurer, Tintin, quickly emerged as a symbol of solidarity in the chaotic aftermath of the Brussels bombings.

Tintin with his dog Snowy.

On Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere around the internet, the reporter, in his signature trench coat, and his white dog Snowy were shared as shocked and saddened versions of their usually indomitable and irrepressible selves.

Others on social media borrowed from the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo tragedy, using the hashtag “JeSuisBruxelles,” or “I am Brussels,” just as those after the Paris attacks did when spreading the sentiment “JeSuisCharlie.”

Facebook, meanwhile, activated its “safety check” system yet again to help within hours of the deadly explosions.

A more popular version of the Tintin meme in response to the explosions has him shedding a single tear as he hovers over a newspaper with a headline about the explosions, pal Snowy shaking nearby. Tintin utters “Mon Dieu,” or “My God.”

The straightforward hashtag “Brussels” continued with “JeSuisBruxelles” through the day on Twitter around the world, also accompanied by “PrayForBelgium.”

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