Aww! Checkout Aaradhya’s PRICELESS Gift to mommy Aishwarya!

Well Well! It’all in the genes! The ultimate sweetness, cuteness and the extreme adorableness – all these qualities are a part of little Aaradhya Bachchan and little Aaradhya showcases it well.

Aaradhya-Abhi-Ash (2)

Recently, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wasn’t keeping well, such was the condition that the shoot for Sarabjit had to be postponed for a couple of days but Aishwarya made sure to pick and drop Aaradhya to her school by herself.
It seems, Aaradhya knew how unwell her mommy is and the cute little daughter decided to surprise Aishwarya with a gift right when she came to pick up Aaradhya!

According to DNA, a parent from Aaradhya’s class said, ”Aaradhya did something so sweet at school that it melted all out hearts. Aishwarya has been unwell for the last few days with a very bad viral and bad throat infection. In fact, she has been so unwell that a couple of days shoot for Sarbjit had to be postponed till next week. But despite that, Ash has still been going to drop and fetch Aaradhya from school as she always does.”
The parent added, ”Aaradhya made a get-well-soon card in class and when the actor went to fetch her on Thursday as usual, she gave it to her at the gate. Aishwarya was so touched that she become emotional as did some of the other parents who had come to fetch their kids.”