Solo’s not the only way

Sidharth Malhotra on young films, coming home to his dog, working the second time around with Alia and Rishi Kapoor…and more

Every girl’s heart-throb, Sidharth Malhotra, is on a roll. Emerging as Karan Johar’s favourite, Sidharth gets to play the happy chappie in Dharma Productions’ latest offering — Kapoor And Sons. Sidharth is relieved too with the cheery departure the role offered him, after the dark and brooding Ek Villain and Brothers.

The model-turned actor was in Bengaluru recently to promote the film, and spoke of how a film today has to appeal to the modern palette of the audience that feasts on Hollywood and English TV shows.

“The endeavour these days I think is to keep audience sensibility in mind and that is how a film such as Kapoor And Sons has a very modern-day take — the tone of the film is modern. Nothing is larger than life, nothing is over dramatic.”

Sidharth believes that “young” films today appeal to the audience because they are being written by young people of the same generation as the viewer.

“Most writers are younger than 35 or 40; they know what works for youngsters. They know what people are craving for because they watch international cinema and TV shows. If we don’t change our palette, we might lose out to Hollywood stuff.”

Having debuted in Student Of The Year, Sidharth believes in the small fish in big pond theory. “For me it is not like it has to be a big solo role. I’d rather have a small part in a big film or good story than do a solo film just for the sake of it. Eventually when you have a library of quality films, it gives you satisfaction.”

Nobody can do a song like Karan

Sidharth, who started his Bollywood career as assistant director to Karan Johar on My Name is Khan, says he is a big fan of Karan. “He gets the humour in everything. More than humour, I think it is his great sense of energy. It comes from his fondness for late Mr. Yash Chopra, the kind of grandness, and happy, commercial cinema they used to make, giving a great storyline at times. I think Karan has adapted that. It’s difficult to summarise what works for him. I’m a big fan and he is one of the best producers and directors we have. He knows the pulse of how to entertain an audience with a great storyline. Nobody can do a song like him or a love story like him. We all love him for making movies like that.”

I come home to my dog

Sidharth said he identified well with his role as the youngest brother in the family in Kapoor And Sons. “I come from a family of older brother and parents. It is a world I know, lived in, and relate to. But I’ve been living as a bachelor for eight years in Mumbai now while my family stays in Delhi. I see less and less of them, with my lifestyle. I miss the support system when you return home. I only have a dog I come back to, not people or chatter in the house. Of course I have friends and that pushes me to socialise more. But in my view family is someone you go to not only when you are sad but even when you are happy. They just add to your day, to your mood. They are somebody you can fall back on.”