Holi Festival and Importance of Five Colors in Indian Society

Guwahati,Prangan Duarah: Springs brings joys and colors to everyone’s life. The green fields with fresh looks, trees full of newborn branches with green leaves and bright flowers signify the arrival of spring. And to welcome this season people of India celebrate the festival of color Holi. Colors are the most important and joyous part of the Holi. The ambience gets filled with clouds of colors. The tradition of playing colors started from Lord Krishna. According to the story, the Lord Krishna was jealous of his soul mate Radha’s fair complexion, since he himself was very dark. Naughty young Krishna complained to his mother Yashoda about this injustice of nature. To placate the child, doting mother asked Krishna to apply color on Radha’s face and change her complexion according to his choice.

Holi Festival and Importance of Five Colors in Indian Society

Cheerful Krishna appreciated the idea and implemented it. The game of applying colors became popular and later it turned out to be a colorful festival. Till date, lovers desired to color and be colored by their mates. The application of colors has in a way become an expression of love. Traditionally “Gulal” color was used to celebrate Holi which were prepared traditionally from flower and other natural products. Different colors of Holi have different reflections. They are as follows:

The color Red signifies the purity. And it also symbolized danger, passion, blood and fire. It induces the feeling of strength and power. Red stands for love and happiness too.

Green indicates fertility. It is an earthy color. Green is a traditional color and a color of vitality. It represents happiness and life.

It is believed that blue is the color of Lord Krishna. A deep, tantalizing blue. It is a sacred blue and a color of calm and sedateness. It also symbolizes the power and life.

It is believed in India that yellow color has a healing power. Some believe Yellow is brilliance and brings warmth.Yellow also stands for pious feeling.

Pink is the most preferred Gulal color. It is not just a girly shade, its vibrancy is enough to spray joy around.The color pink stands for friendliness.