Don’t get distracted by non-issues raised by political opponents:PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Exhorting BJP workers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asked them not to let ‘irrelevant issues’ raised by Opposition divert them from the agenda of development. He envisaged a party which was like a Banyan tree with deep roots and branches providing shade.

He also said that while the party has expanded horizontally, there was need for ‘capacity building’ among workers to work with creative thought and reach out to all sections of society, home minister Rajnath Singh told reporters while briefing on the Prime Minister’s address. Modi was referring to the 11 crore membership that has made the BJP the largest party in the world last year.

“Over the past 22 months, our government has been doing good work. There are no allegations of corruption… The Opposition will try to involve you in non-issues. Don’t get distracted by non-issues raised by political opponents, but pursue our own agenda of development,” Modi said at the concluding session of the BJP national executive here on Sunday.
In a dig at the Opposition, Modi said those who are not happy with the government’s “unprecedented” development work, will rake up issues to make things difficult for it.
However, Rajnath did not specify the ‘irrelevant’ issues. This is not the first time Modi has cautioned party workers against getting involved in controversies, that deflect attention from the government’s development agenda.
While nationalism was a core theme in the national executive and party chief Amit Shah’s speech, taking on the Congress and Left, Modi focused on development and asked party workers to make it their mantra. He said the party has always taken up the cause of nationalism and now was time to focus on development.
He equated the Banyan tree with his vision for the organisation. “The Banyan tree has deep roots but its branches provide shade. This is how the organisation should be,” he said.
Modi praised the budget and asked party workers to take even ‘small’ aspects of it to the people. Giving an example, he said The budget proposed keeping small shops and business outlets open for seven days.
“We should move ahead with one mantra: vikas, vikas, vikas. This is the answer to our country’s all problems and we are working in this direction. Change is happening and the wheel of progress is moving fast…. The party and government are working shoulder to shoulder,” Modi said.
Modi also highlighted government scheme like providing LPG connection to the poor, electrification of villages, Mudra loans and asked party workers to reach out to the beneficiaries.
He said Mahatma Gandhi connected people with the freedom movement by taking up their causes.
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