File additional affidavit on revenue, Delhi HC tells Google

The Delhi High Court on Monday directed Google to file an additional affidavit on its claim of no revenue from its agreement with the Ministry for Information and Broadcasting after a claim that it was generating Rs.4,29,000 crore from Indian operations.

A view of the Delhi High Court.

A Division Bench was hearing a PIL petition by the former BJP ideologue, K.N. Govindacharya, raising questions about the usage of the social media by the government. Virag Gupta, counsel for Mr. Govindacharya, said Google had paid tax only on income amounting to Rs.81 crore, while the rest was being sent out of India without tax.

After Google said in an affidavit that it had not earned any revenue from the agreement with the government, Mr. Gupta said the affidavit was silent on the income generated by Google Ireland, and if any revenue was shared with the Centre. Google said it had no contractual relationship with the Centre on the content uploaded by the I&B Ministry on any of its sites.