We are considering bringing full pants in place of khaki knickers:RSS

NAGPUR: The RSS is likely to change its ‘ganvesh’ on Sunday, where they will switch from their Khaki shorts to trousers. According to reports, the announcement will be formally made on the final day of the three-day meet in Nagpur. A proposal to change the uniform has been around for a while.

Earlier, RSS’ All India Prachar Pramukh Manmohan Vaidya was quoted saying: “With time and situation there are changes that are needed to be brought. We are considering bringing full pants in place of khaki knickers. If a consensus is reached, we will fix the colour, too, but it will not be khaki.”

The RSS uniform currently consists of shirts folded at the elbows, black caps and khaki shorts.

So what’s the history behind the uniform which seems more suitable for primary school children? In a piece for Livemint, Sidin Vadukut pointed out the uniform is actually inspired by both Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress. The Gandhi cap was a rage amongst freedom fighters in the early 20s (and anti-corruption crusaders and the AAP these days).
He wrote: “Hedgewar also made sure that his group was impeccably dressed. “The uniform”, Andersen says, “was much like that worn at the 1920 Congress session at Nagpur: khaki shirt, khaki shorts, a black khaki cap, long socks, and boots.” So there we have it. The iconic RSS uniform may have actually been first designed for volunteers at an annual session of the Indian National Congress held in Nagpur almost a century ago. Since then, however, relationships have changed a little bit.”