Kanhaiya Kumar attacked in JNU campus, comes out more defiant

DELHI: A man, attacked Jawaharlal Nehru University student president Kanhaiya Kumar, when he was out in the campus interacting with fellow students, on Thursday. Couple of hours after the incident, the JNU leader in an address to fellow students said that he “wont be intimated by such attacks” and added that “the fact the attacker was escorted out of the campus peacefully, depicts the true nature of JNU”.

The incident took place outside the administration block in the evening when Vikas Chaudhary, a resident of Ghaziabad, spotted Kanhaiya walking in the same area. Kanhaiya, at that moment, was walking towards the stairs of the ad block, where classes on nationalism were being held. The moment Vikas manhandled Kanhaiya, a JNU professor intervened and the student leader was escorted out of the area.
The commotion however did not stop there as Chaudhary began to argue, first with JNU professors, and then with dozens of students who were trying to persuade him to leave. However some JNU students called the security, who took quite some time to arrive. Once the security had arrived, Chaudhary, was escorted into the administration block were he was made to sit till a vehicle of the JNU security department came and towards the campus exit.
While speaking to reporters,Chaudhary said, that he wanted to teach Kanhaiya a lesson.
“My feeling have been hurt by whatever Kanhaiya has said. I wanted to teach him a lesson for speaking against India and our armed forces,” said Chaudhary before being taken into the administration block. He claimed that he was a private builder and had come to JNU just “for Kanhaiya”. He also said that he was not affiliated to any political group and had planned to attack Kanhaiya only for “Bharat Mata”.
Nearly half an hour later a vehicle came to the spot and he was accompanied to the local police station by plain clothed cops who were already present inside the campus. According to police, the man was detained for questioning, and action would be taken on the basis of his statement and that of the eye-witness’s.
Following the attack, Kanhaiya emerged to speak to the students gathered outside the administration block. “You can do whatever, but you cannot scare me, whenever you are trying to attack me, just think of Rohith. You killed one Rohith and see how many of us have become Rohiths,” said Kanhaiya.
“Amidst many people one man attacks me and he still goes safe. I told security guards that they should do to him whatever they want. We do not have double standard, we do not want police in campus and we do not want for anyone. If I am being attacked, it is poor students like Rohith Vemula are being attacked,” he said also evoking Chandu, a JNU student leader who was murdered in 1997 for his political activism.
“I am afraid that they are trying to make JNU a bigger jail, where they have kept me. We will not tolerate any kind of surveillance,” he added. The student leader also said that when his opposition to AFSPA does not mean he supports separatism.
“We are against your kind of nationalism, which is saffron nationalism, when we are trying to oppose that, we are being attacked. When we oppose violence, we oppose all kinds of violence be it state sponsored or by anyone else,” he said.
Later, Kanhaiya went to the exit gate where his attacker was held by police and spoke to him. Kanhaiya, asked the attacker as to why he wanted to target him. He tried to clear ‘misunderstandings’ that had Chaudhary to attack Kanhaiya.