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It’s Comfort Over Look for Kate Hudson

LOS ANGELES: Actress Kate Hudson says she loves to be comfortable on the red carpet, instead of focussing only on what looks good.

Actress Kate Hudson - AP photo

“I wear what I like and what I’m comfortable in. I never wear anything that I don’t feel sort of shifts the way I move. It’s definitely personal taste and everybody has a different experience with what they feel good in, but it’s definitely a feeling that I have rather than what it looks like,” Hudson told the Daily Telegraph, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Hudson also credited her dance training with helping her to be body confident.

She said: “I am a dancer, and dancers no matter what size, our movement makes us feel connected with our body and movement so you are less inhibited and connected to it.

“I don’t think dancers are very self-conscious, which is a wonderful thing about dance and why I think, especially for young girls, it’s such a wonderful discipline. It gets girls to feel connected to the body and the way it moves. There is a great attitude that comes with dance.”

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