‘Cigarette na piyo, peshab na karo’: DU teacher alleges Kanhaiya Kumar misbehaved with her in JNU

New Delhi: A Delhi University teacher has slammed JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar for allegedly ‘misbehaving’ with her when she tried to stop him from urinating in public.

Talking to ABP News, DU Teacher Kamlesh Narwana narrated the incident. She said the incident occurred when she used to go to JNU campus for morning walk. She said in June last year, she spotted Kanhaiya Kumar urinating in public. When she stopped him from doing this, Kanhaiya misbehaved with her.

‘Cigarette na piyo, peshab na karo’: DU teacher alleges Kanhaiya Kumar misbehaved with her in JNU

“Tu pagal hai kya, phycho hai kya? Cigarette na piyo, peshab na karo? Ye mera hostel hai,” she said Kanhaiya told this to her. She alleged that Kanhaiya later threatened her.

She said that it was not an emergency situation as there were toilets around where he could have gone and relieved himself.

She later lodged a complaint with the authorities.

Following a complaint by her, the JNU administration held a proctorial inquiry that found Kanhaiya guilty.

“The university… has found Kanhaiya Kumar guilty of misbehaving with an ex-student (female) and threatening her.

“This act is serious in nature and unbecoming of a student of JNU and calls for a strict disciplinary action against him (Kanhaiya)… keeping his career prospects in mind, the Vice Chancellor has taken a lenient view in the matter,” said the office order issued on October 16, 2015 by the then Chief Proctor, Krishna Kumar.

“Kanhaiya is fined Rs 3,000 and also warned to be careful and not get involved in any such incidents in future. Otherwise, strict disciplinary action will be taken against him,” the order said.

While an unsigned order was shared on social media by the girl, who accused Kanhaiya of being a “false revolutionary making claims about upholding the dignity of women”, the university administration confirmed in a statement that the letter was authentic and action was taken against the student leader.

“I am dejected and pained to see how my JNU community has ganged up to create false revolutionary. I want to ask, do you really understand the D for Dignity of a female, Mr Kanhaiya?

“Unzipping your private part in public and urinating on road are these your revolutionary tools to uphold a female’s dignity? I am shocked to see how a misogynist like Kanhaiya is being hailed as revolutionary,” she said in an open letter that is circulating online.