PIC ALERT! Rishabh Sinha gets a new ‘heart’ tattoo for his film? Fans going crazy!

Rishabh Sinha, the first runner up of ‘Bigg Boss 9’ is currently shooting for his bollywood film ‘Ishq Vs Love’ and the new picture of this BB9 ‘Devil’ is making fans crazy.

PIC ALERT! Rishabh Sinha gets a new ‘heart’ tattoo for his film? Fans going crazy!

Wearing the wizard hoodie, the same he often sported during his ‘Bigg Boss 9’ stint, Rishabh poses with a new tattoo that is inked right at the heart’s spot on his chest. The tattoo has a red heart carved with what looks like a dragon. Well, some fans are already calling it ‘Dragon Heart’.
Rishabh posted this picture with a caption “You know who I am ! A better kind of ❤️ “.

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Fans have been reacting in the most exciting manner to this picture.

A fan wrote to Rishabh.. “Woww bro ur looking awesome this is my devil😍☺️😳 #Devil Style Jai bhole bro 🙏🏻“.

Another one’s comment read.. “Dragon Heart…!! So cool!! Loved it”.

Yet another one writes “devilll with pure heart!!!!”

Another hilarious comment read “Devilo ka devil…❤❤❤❤❤“

A female fan writes “@iamRishabhSinha wow it’s looks burning heart ❤️😘”

One wrote… “oh Devil with a heart. Lots of love 💖“

The ‘heart’ in the tattoo forced us to believe it is for his new movie ‘Ishq Vs Love’. Rishabh plays lead in the role opposite Afroz Khan.
Whether it’s a permanent tattoo or a temporary one.. is yet to be confirmed but his tattoo sure has created buzz on Twitter today.