Watch: Teens react to the Windows 95 and are utterly baffled

If you’re an adult, born at least towards the tail end of the 80’s, you’ve seen technology move from clunky desktops with floppy drives to the handheld smartphones and tablets we take for granted today. There was a time when having 64MB of RAM in your PC was lavish, but kids today wouldn’t understand that, as evidenced by a recent YouTube video.

The Fine Brothers, known for their highly popular YouTube channel (as well as their highly unpopular recent attempt to trademark the word “React” in videos on the site) recently posted a video of the teens on their show reacting to a piece of “ancient” technology — Windows 95. As you can expect, most of the kids have no idea what they’re looking at, while some others have at least heard of it, though they lose points for not knowing how to turn on the computer.

It’s easy to scoff at the teenagers wondering, “How could you not know what DOS is?”, but it’s important to remember that technology progresses exponentially. The first computer in the world, ENIAC, was completed in 1946, weighed over 27,000 kilograms, and used a punch card system to solve mathematical problems. Less than 40 years later, we had the very first Macintosh with a GUI make an appearance in 1986, with the (at the time) ground-breaking Windows 95 following soon after. And just 20 years later, we now have computers so small they fit in our smartphones, home appliances and even our watches.
Only time will tell what we might see in another 10 years and, with the Internet of Technology, virtual reality, and wearable technology all steadily gaining steam, there might be a time when our children will be confused by “archaic” smartphones. And if you need another video to feel old, take a gander at these kids reacting to the very first iPod.