Sun will be hundred percent obscured in Indonesia

Shillong,Prangan Duarah: Millions of people especially from Southeast Asia are going to witness a total solar eclipse, which will begin on 8th march, 2016 at 23:19 UTC and end on 9th march, 2016. Now, this brings up the question what is a total solar eclipse? The total solar eclipse is an eclipse of the sun in which the moon completely hides the solar surface of the photosphere and thereby cuts off all direct rays of sunlight from the observer. But it is not total everywhere. Eclipses are named after their darkest phase. If a solar eclipse is total at any point on earth, it is called a total solar eclipse, even though it is seen as a partial eclipse in most part of the world.

Total solar eclipse can be divided into five phase. The first phase is “partial eclipse begins”, in which shadow of the Moon starts becoming visible over the visible surface of the sun. The second phase is “total solar eclipse”, in which moon’s shadow cover the entire visible surface of the sun. The third phase is “totality or maximum eclipse” where only the sun’s corner is visible. The fourth phase is “total eclipse ends” where moon’s shadow starts moving. “Partial eclipse ends” is the last stage of the total solar eclipse, in which eclipse ends. The totality of a total solar eclipse can range from a few second to seven and half minute but a total solar eclipse can last for several hours. According to the scientist the totality of 8-9th march, 2016 will last for 4 minutes and 9 seconds. This total solar eclipse will begin in Indonesia and end in northern Pacific Ocean.

Thousands of foreigners including NASA scientistsflew to Indonesia to observe this total solar eclipse. According to one science forum NASA scientists are planning to take 59 several-second exposures of the sun in just over 3 minutes. They are planning to capture data on the innermost parts of the sun’s volatile, a region only observe during total solar eclipses when the sun’s bright face is completely blocked by the moon. According to the source in Indonesia the shortest total solar eclipse will last for 1 minute and 54 second, which will be visible onSouth Pagai Island, West Sumata and the largest will last for 3 minutes and 17 seconds, which will be visible in Maba.

During this total solar eclipse, India will witness only partial eclipse. According to, partial solar eclipse will be visible in Assam, Agartala, Hyderabad, West-Bangle, Uttar- Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Odisha, Pondicherry, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. According to an official statement north east will be able to view this better as sunrises occur earliest there and sun will be a little higher during eclipse.